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Even though Geek & Gorgeous is new, if I want to go back to our beginnings, that would be more than 15 years ago. I was 17 when I developed horrible acne, for years I tried out a bunch of things including tons of cosmetic products, facials, and visits to the dermatologist.

What eventually helped was not some kind of miracle cure but me starting to learn about skincare and clinically proven active ingredients. After years of randomly trying things and failing, I started to obsessively read and learn. I read all the books by Paula Begoun and then went on to read the famous Cosmetic Dermatology book by Dr. Leslie Baumann. I read more and more science based skincare blogs, forums, and eventually, I started to read research studies for myself.

With my new found knowledge, I managed to figure out a skincare routine, which I used patiently and consistently until my skin finally cleared up. It’s like Kung-Fu-Panda’s story, “there is no secret ingredient”.

After success with my skin, I realized that there is nothing in my native Hungarian language on the internet to help women to learn about skincare and choose products wisely. As an MSc in Computer Science, I decided to launch a “skincare blog - Hungarian - CosDNA all rolled into one” website called

I launched in 2010 and today it’s the biggest beauty website in Hungary with more than half a million unique visitors and 6 million page views per month.

Thanks to, I got to know Peter Budahazy, the CEO of the biggest Hungarian mass-market brand called Helia-D. We had a casual professional relationship for years, until one day in 2015; the idea came to us to create a new brand together.

I come up with the concept of the brand, the products, and the active ingredients we should use. Helia-D helps me to bring the products to life; the result of this collaboration is Geek & Gorgeous, a brand created with lots of love and passion for beauty geeks like me

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Wish you gorgeous skin,