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minimize helpers & fillers

Our products are fragrance (artificial or natural), colorant and drying alcohol-free and we aim to minimize all helpers and fillers. We also avoid using common allergens and plant extracts, which sound good but are scientifically questionable for the skin (such as most essential oils, lavender or citrus extracts). We also do not use controversial ingredients (you know, like parabens, sulphates or mineral oil) to give you total peace of mind, although we also have to honestly tell you we do not think that these are toxic ingredients and we do not believe in scaremongering. Our philosophy is based more on maximizing what is good for the skin and minimizing everything else.


known amount of actives

We like science, we like numbers and we like actives that have a decent amount of research proving that they are good for the skin. We also like transparency and believe in smart beauty geeks who read ingredient lists and want to know the exact amount of the main actives. More is not always better but knowing the amount definitely helps to make smart, informed product decisions and we are happy to help you with that whenever possible.

Giving back - 1 Eur/product

giving back

After years of struggling with serious acne, we value our skin health and health in general, a lot. With G&G, we also want to play our small part in contributing to a better world and better health. We adore, a non-profit organization that researches high-impact charities backed by evidence and helps to donate in the most impactful way possible. We support them with 1 Euro per full-size G&G exfoliant sold.